Head Nurse: Ms. Ghaedi


Obstetrician & Gynecology Ward consists of 26 beds, two operation rooms and four delivery rooms which enjoy anesthesiology equipment, scialytic lamps, and central fatal monitoring systems that are controlled by midwives. This ward has Sonography; Sonokit & NST sets which are ready to offer their services to emergency & admitted patients 24 hours a day. Moreover, since Position Beds are designed for multiple purposes, Labor room & delivery room are unified.

OB-GYN ward is covered by most experienced midwives & nurses. Specialist doctors of this ward try their best to make a calm & healthy situation to help the mothers according to the latest scientific & medical findings.

OB-GYN admitting section of this hospital consists of Rooming In room. This room has five beds & five revolving photo therapies. All admitting patients of this ward enjoy Nursing Care during their resident in the ward. After delivery, infant will be brought to his/her mother immediately and the mother will be trained how to feed her baby both through a CD and practically. Meanwhile, after infant's birth "How to feed the baby" is trained through a special video channel; which is particularly for OB-GYN ward use.

Painless delivery is another great service which is offered to mothers in this ward. We are proud of being the first hospital in Shiraz for offering painless delivery services.

Rooms' facilities are including colored TV, refrigerator, bathroom & sanitary services.


The chief of OB-GYN ward is Dr. Homayoon Moghavami (Obstetrician & Gynecologist).

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