Emergency Room (E/R)

Nowadays, the importance of taking care for emergency patient has a special place in managers' minds & those involved in health. Considering the growth of machinery life & accordingly the growth of accidents and events caused by them, Emergency Room can save most of the patients' life in sensitive & golden moments. Therefore, readiness of medical staff and all related facilities at Emergency Room of hospitals look very important.

According to the above mentioned points E/R of Shiraz Central Hospital is proud of having special plan & policy for covering the necessary services to patients. Resident Internists & General Physicians along with efficient nurses plus advanced & required equipments such as: Sonography, MRI, CT scanner and so on for fast investigation to all kind of patients is one of the honors of this hospital. Besides permanent presence of internists & general physicians other specialized & sub-specialized doctors in different fields such as General Surgeon, Cardiologist, Orthopedist, Ophthalmologist, Gynecologist, Nephrologist, ENT, Plastic Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and so on are ready to serve the E/R patients on call.

Moreover, having advanced diagnosis equipments such as CT Scanner, MRI, Sonography, Radiology, Endoscopes, Angiography, ESW Lithotripsy (lithotripter), Skin Laser, Eye Laser, modern & equipped laboratory & pharmacy beside experienced & trained staff putting the Emergency Room of this hospital in a special place. All these factors are the major reasons that patients are examined as soon as possible & their treatment program to be distinguished fast.

The personnel of Shiraz Central Hospital's E/R wish health for the respected patients & meanwhile have a serious recommendation for taking care about sanitary & safety points which have a main role in prevention of diseases & accidents. We also advise you to do a periodic medical check up for your health. We are pleased to offer medical services to you & to be at your medical disposal 24 hours a day.

Patients who refer to Shiraz Central Hospital's E/R are divided into three categories as follow:

1) Patients who have emergency & critical condition such as: accidental & cardiac patients. In these cases, necessary & first actions will be taken quickly at the most highest quality. According to priority, related specialist doctors will attend at the patient's bed, check up them & in case of necessity every kind of Para clinical actions will be taken quickly at any time. If surgery is required, patient will go under operation at the lowest possible time. Those patients who are among cardiac emergency cases will be sent to CCU ward after first actions and in case of necessity Angiography, Angioplasty & even Open-Heart-Operation will be done. This is our hospital's honor to beat the record in cardiac emergency operations which have been done in less than one hour. We have also broken the records in Brain Accident Cases investigations.

2) Non-emergency patients who refer to E/R for surgery operations & will be admitted to different wards by doctor's order. First, they will be examined by General Physicians & in case they need a consult by Internist and/or Anesthesiologist before surgery, it will be done at the shortest time. If there are no medical prohibitions for surgery, the patient will be admitted to the related wards.

3) OPD patients who will be visited by Internists & General Physicians. If advanced diagnosis procedures are required they will be introduced to related Para clinics.

It is also possible for patients to choose their doctors & if the chosen doctors cooperate with Shiraz Central Hospital they will be called to attend at the hospital at any time of day & night.

Shiraz Central Hospital's Emergency Room (E/R) includes different sections as follow: Emergency surgery, emergency admit, OPD, small Surgery, Injection, Wound Dressing and Plaster Room. All internal services will be done by resident Internist at E/R. Meanwhile, for CPCR cases, Anesthesiologists attend at hospital 24 hours a day. This ward has all the necessary equipment including: Automatic CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), portable Ventilator, Heart Monitor, EKG, Respirator and Pulse Oximeter.

Moreover, for the first time in Iran, patients who do their medical services in this hospital will use the advantages & services of ID Health Card. This card which is in size of a credit card contains all the latest medical data of patient. One of the benefits of this card is that at the first moment of patient's arrival to E/R, treatment staff will be informed of the patient's medical files & data through his/her ID Health Card very quickly.

Some other services like ECT & Casting for Orthopedic patients will be offered in a separate section containing three beds which is a part of E/R.


Some of the fields of on-call specialists & sub-specialists at ER:

Cardiologist, Internist, Neurologist, ENT, Neurosurgeon, General Surgeon, Orthopedic, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Urologist, ORAL & Maxilla Facial Surgeon, Nephrologist and Ophthalmologist


Scientific Chief of the ward: Dr. Samad Jamali (Internist)

Head nurse: Mrs. Rashed


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