Nowadays, laboratory has a special place in new medical profession. Passing the time, the importance & expanse of using diagnosis tests will be more obvious in clinical medicine. Laboratory is of great importance at Shiraz Central Hospital. Having modern equipment, sets and apparatus along with experienced doctors and technicians make it ready to serve patients 24 hours a day. This laboratory is able to do all the routine & specialized tests and. It consists of different sections as follows:


1) Medical Diagnosis Laboratory

2) Hematology

3) Pathology & Cytology

4) Blood Bank

5) Microbiology

6) Urine Analysis

7) Serology

8) Clinical Biochemistry

9) Parasitology

10) Immunology

11) Hormone (Endocrinology)


At Hematology Ward: by using Automatic Blood Cell Counters such as Helena, KX21 & K1000, CBC tests are done. Some other tests which will be done at Hematology ward are: Sickles-Cell Tests, L.E. Cell, G6PD, Retic Count, PT, PTT, Malaria and also Electrophoresis HbF & HbA2. By using Electrophoresis style we are able to determine Minor & Major Thalassemia.


At Blood Bank Section: Cross Match Tests will be done by mixing the patient's serum with donor's blood in order to diagnose the compatibility of patient and donor's blood. One of the most important tests in this ward determines patient's blood group. Coombs test is also done direct & indirect at this ward.


At Microbiology Section: by using the routine base environment and diagnosis environment every kind of infection is diagnosable in every fluid of the body. Different kinds of cultures which can be done in this ward are: 1) Throat Culture, 2) Blood Culture, 3) Urine Culture & all other body fluids Culture. In this part, incubator with 37c heat prepares the necessary environment for the growth of bacteria to be diagnosed.


At Urine Analysis Ward: urine will be checked by using urine stripe first. Then, the number of white, red & other cells in urine will be reported by using a microscope.


At Clinical Biochemistry Ward: chemical routine tests such as PH, LFT, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Cholesterol, TG, LDL, HDL, Ca, FBS & BUN will be done by using different sets as RA1000 & Nova14.

Liver tests including: Total & Direct Bilirubin, ALK-PH, Protein, SGOT, SGPT and Albumin of blood serum will also be done in this ward. Meanwhile, more special tests at chemistry ward are done including: LDH, CPK, TIBC, Fe, Amylase, Troponin, CKMB, Acid Phosphates & Lipase.

Using the Flame Photometer sets Sodium (Na) & Potassium (K) tests will be done. Moreover, Using Cardiac Reader Sets patient's Troponin will be measured in a very short time at this ward.


At Immunology Ward: different kind of tests such as ANCA, Kala-Azar, Toxoplasmosis, IgA, IgG, IgM, ANA, ASO, RF, CRP, C3, C4, and dsDNA will be done by using Elisa & Nephrometry sets and other different modern sets.


At Hormone Ward: Thyroid tests TSH, T3, T4, T3up, PSA TITER and other Hormonic tests will be done by using Elisa set.


At Serology Ward: different tests such as 2ME, ASO, CRP, RA, VDRL, Wright, Widal, BHCG, HIV, HCV, HBS and H. Pylori will be done.



1) Helena Cell Counter (Hb Electrophoresis Helena)

2) Frozen Section

3) Sysmex KX-21

4) Nephrometry

5) ESR Set

6) Eschweiler Electrolyte

7) Nova Phox Blood Gas

8) Serological Water Bath

9) Clay Adams Sero-Fuge

10) ACL Coagulometer

11) Incubator

12) Autoclave

13) Tecan Elisa

14) DiaSorin Liaison Chemiluminescence's Analyzer

15) Zeiss Binocular Microscope

16) IEC Centrifuge

17) SEAC Flame Photometer

18) Cardiac Reader for measuring Troponin, Myoglobin & D-  Dimer

19) Technicon RA-1000 Chemistry Analyzer

20) Nova Electrolyte 14+ Analyzer

21) Prestige 24i Chemistry Analyzer

22) Apel Bilirubin Meter

23) Milton Roy Spectronic Analyzer

24) Zeiss Dark Field Binocular Microscope

25) Slee Frozen Section for Pathology use

26) Sakura Tissue Processor

27) Leica Digital Microtome Blade Sharpener

28) Memmert Incubator

29) Automatic Serial ESR-SED-100

30) PCR PX2, Hybaid PCR

31) Sakura Tissue Processor

32) Leitz Automatic Microtome

33) Zeiss Immunofluorescence Microscope

34) Apel Bilirubinometer

35) Advanced Shandon Cytosine for doing Cytology on all different body liquid

36) Sysmex K-1000

37) Blood Bank Refrigerator

All the mentioned equipment are in different models and quantity.


Points which should be considered by patients:

-The best sample for Urine Culture Test is the early morning urine sample.

-Stool test can be done only if patients use the delivered dish.

-Reception of emergency patients will be done 24 hours a day, however, reception of non-emergency patients will be done from 07:30am up to 10:30am except holidays.

-For fast blood sugar test, Urea (BUN), Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphor, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Iron & Liver (LFT) tests 8 to 12 hours fast is required and it is 14 to 16 hours for Triglyceride.


Two Hours Blood Sugar Test:

First a blood sample will be taken from the fast patient and then the patient must have a complete breakfast (Preferred sweet meals) and refers to laboratory exactly two hours after breakfast. In that time another sample will be taken again.

REMINDER: After having breakfast do not eat anything until the next blood sample is taken.



Wash urine canal with water & soap sanitarily. Put the middle of the urine sample in a sterile dish which has already been given to patient by laboratory staff.







-Tissue Immunofluorescence

-Frozen Section Pathology

-Quantitative Troponin

-Quantitative Myoglobin

-Quantitative D. Dimer

-Fluid Cytology

-Bone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsy




-Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Source (Site) bar body   





-Hb & HCT


-Retic. Count

-Sed. rate (ESR)



-Bleeding Time (BT)

-Clotting Time (CT)


-Sickle Cell

-LE Cell

-Hb F & A 2

-Hb. Electrophoresis

-Osmotic Fragility Test



-Type & RH

-Direct Coombs

-Indirect Coombs

-Cross Match

-Cold Agglutination




-2hr. PPG

-4 P.M.




-Uric Acid



-LDL Cholesterol

-HDL Cholesterol







-Direct Bilirubin

-Indirect Bilirubin

-Protein (A/G)






-Alkaline Phosphates





-Serum Fe & TIBC







-ASO Titer





-Mono Test

-Complement (C3, C4)

-IgG, IgM, IgA, Kala Azar

-ANCA, Listeria

-ds. DNA, ANA, Toxo Plasma




-Culture & Sensei

-Direct Smear

-Gram Stain

-Wet Smear




-N. Gonorrhea




-Complete Urinalysis (Routine)

-Pregnancy Test

-24hr. Urine for: Protein, Creatinine, Uric Acid

-Ca, PO4, Na, K





-OP (X3)

-Scotch Tape Test



-T4, T3, TSH, T3UT, Anti TPO, Anti Tg, Tg

-LH, FSH, Prolactin, BHCG teeter

-Testos, Progest, Est, DHEA, SO4, Cortisol, PSA. Titer, Estrogen, AFP



-Semen Analysis

-Tb Skin Test (PPD)

-HBS-Ag Check

-HIV-Ag Check

-HCV-Ag Check




-H. Pylori-Check


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