Operation Room

Nowadays operation rooms are the major part of any hospital. Shiraz Central Hospital as one of the most important medical centers in south of Iran has an up to date operation room. It is located at the first floor of the hospital and includes 12 operation rooms. All operation surgeries such as Neurosurgery, Open Heart, Eye, Orthopedics, OB & GYN, General, Cosmetic, ENT, andUrology surgeries will be done at this ward. Besideshaving an expert and experiencedmedical team, our operation roomsenjoy all the necessary and up to date surgery equipment such as:

-         CUSA and Sonoca operation sets are used for brain tumor surgeries

-         Gama probe operation system is used for diagnosis of cancer tumors

-         Radio Surgery operation system is used in ENT surgeries

-         Bronchoscopy operation system for thoracic (chest) surgery of adults and children

-         C-ARM for neurosurgery and orthopedics surgeries

-         Microscope for neurosurgery, ophthalmology (eye), and ENT surgeries

-         PCNL for urology(kidney stone) surgery

-         Laparoscopy operation system (in different brands) forgallbladder stone surgeries and GYN laparoscopy

-         Craniotomy operation system for neurosurgeries

-         EVH operation system for open heart surgeries

-         Ligasure and Harmonic operation system are used for laparoscopy, open surgeries in gynecology field, general and thoracic surgeries 

-         Bipolar system is used for TUR surgery in Urology field

-         Holmium Laser used for urology surgery

-         Arthroscopy used for orthopedic field

-         Liposuction used for cosmetic surgeries

-         Sigmoidoscopy used for general surgeries

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