Doppler Sonography    

Sonography   ward is  ready   for admitting  OPD patients  every morning  at 9 o’clock while it is ready to service hospitalized and emergency patients 24 hours a day.

Sonography procedures are as follows:
-Intraabdominal organs,pelvis, andOB Sonography,Breast Sonography,Testis Sonography,Shallow and deep surfaces and also biophysical profile.
-Trans vaginal Sonography:Internal Sonography
-Trans rectal Sonography:Internal Sonography

-Color Doppler  Sonography  consists of research and investigation  on arteries and vessels,vessels of    upper and lower limbs, abdomen,kidney, pelvis and also thoracic vessels.-
3D Sonography:This method is used during   pregnancy for the diagnosis of fetal abnormality.
-TCD:Trans Cranial Doppler:It's about research on brain vessels.
-FNA:Fine Needle Aspiration:biopsy of organs and masses with leading   Sonography.
-Biopsy from organs such as liver,kidney and masses with leading Sonography.
Abdomen -Pleural tap:Evacuating of pleural and abdominal fluid guided by Sonography.
-Biopsy from prostate by Sonography for diagnosis of malignant.
-Nephrostomy:Insertion of tubes in kidney (or cystic masses) with leading Sonography
-Sonography of salivary gland and ducts and submandibular and thyroid.
-Sonography of infant brain
- Sonography from vagina
- Sonography from rectum
-Portable   Sonography consists of all procedures of Sonography    in case of portable for hospitalized patients    in CCU/ICU and patients in poor condition.

Reports will be ready in 15 minutes.


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