Routine and normal procedures of CT scanner:
In general, all routine and special procedures of CT scanner such as CT-Angio are done at Shiraz Central Hospital. There are 2 nurses and 4 expert technologists at this ward who will do all requests 24 hours a day.  There is a resident radiologist at this ward who will do the initial examination and obtains patient’s history for performing a better CT scanner and also reports CT scans’ films at the shortest possible time.
There is also an anesthesiologist in this ward to service patients who need anesthesia during CT scan procedures. All Spiral CT Scan procedures will be done at this hospital.

Equipment & facilities of CT scan ward:

  GE CT scanner Multi Slice system
  Writing CD for patients who request for
  Connecting to internal PACS system and transferring image & report the related CT scan to other wards

 Injector system for CT scan procedures that need injection
 DC shock & emergency box
 Central Suction system
 Sony Imager for developing films of CT scan in one minute after performing CT scan

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