Internal Medicine Ward 1

Internal Medicine Ward 1 is located at the fourth floor of Shiraz Central Hospital. This ward has 22 active beds and is known as one of the best wards of the hospital. All internal medicine services are hospitalized at this ward including Neurology, Pulmonary (Lung), Gastrointestinal (Digestion), Psychology, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes & Blood Pressure, Oncology and Urology. Moreover, there are Hemodialysis and Internal ICU wards beside this ward. Therefore, in case of any necessities and according to doctors’ orders patients can use all the facilities of these wardsin a very short time.

Having all the necessary equipment and medical facilities that are needed for internal medicine patients along with professional sub-specialty doctors and expert nurses able this ward to offer best medical services & treatment to patients. Besides, there are central oxygen and suction separately for each bed. Meanwhile, Warfarin Clinic at this ward along withICU of Internal Medicine ward 1is active for treatment and necessary training of patients per day.

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