About Hospital Wards

We are pleased to inform all patients that Shiraz Central Hospital has all different specialized and subspecialized wards. Most famous subspecialized doctors and experienced staff in different fields are working in these wards. It is our honor to serve you under the most up-to-date medical standards. We invite you to visit our modern hospital.

Shiraz Central Hospital contains the following wards:

1) Cardio Surgery Ward

2) Cardio Surgery ICU Ward

3) Neurosurgery Ward

4) Neurosurgery ICU Ward

5) ICU Ward

6) Post ICU Ward

7) CCU Ward Ophthalmology Ward

8) Angiography Ward

9) Post Angiography Ward

10) Ophthalmology Ward

11) Plastic Surgery Ward

12) Dermatology Ward

13) Internal Medicine Ward

14) OB/GYN Ward

15) Eye Laser Ward

16) ENT Ward

17) General Surgery Ward

18) Thorax Surgery Ward

19) Emergency Room Ward

20) Skin Laser Ward


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