Shiraz Central Hospital has been inaugurated with cooperation and partnership of outstanding professors, specialist and subspecialistdoctors of Shiraz Medical Sciences in an area of 32.000 square meters and the capacity of 200 beds in February1997. This hospital has been constructed in the beautiful Chamran Blvd. of Shiraz, the southern city of Iran. From the first days of 1992the founder of the hospital, Dr. Mohammad Reza Khoshnood, and a few specialist doctors gathered together with the idea and purpose of offering sincere services to people for medical treatment in the form of a medical center and a hospital. This group which is consisted of the most famous professors of Shiraz medical society decided to use the scientific findings and world medical standards to construct an equipped hospital according to the latest and advanced technologies for offering medical services to patients.

Shiraz Central Specialized and Subspecialized Hospital enjoys an experienced and punctual management along with professional doctors and skilledpersonnel. This hospital is equipped with the most advanced and modern facilities, technologies and system. It is consisted of the following wards:

-24 hours Emergency Room

-Cardio Surgery Ward (Open heart surgery)

-ICU Ward

-CCU ward & intensive cares for cardiac patients

-Neurosurgery Ward

-Urology Ward

-Catheterization Laboratory ward consists of Angiography & Angioplasty

-Post catheterization intensive care

-Obstetrician & Gynecology ward

-Ophthalmology ward

-Internal Medicine ward

-General Surgery Ward


Enjoying experienced physicians, skilled personnel, advanced facilities & up to date equipment enable this hospital to do all surgery operations as follow:

-Open Heart Surgery



-Reconstructive and general surgery

-Plastic and cosmetic surgery

-Gynecology surgery

-ENT surgery

-Ophthalmology surgery

-Maxillary, mandibular and facial surgery

-Urology surgery


Active Para-clinic wards of this hospital include:

-Radiology and sonography

-Laboratory and pathology


-Cardiac rehabilitation

-Treadmill exercise


-Electrocardiograph& …

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