Shiraz Medical & Imaging Inc. has been established in 1991 under the Persian name of “SherkatePezeshkiTasvirsaz Shiraz”. We started our activity as a medical complex especially active in cardiac surgery, cardiac intervention and imaging systems.

This company as our mother company owns some sub-companies which are active in different fields of medical business. “PasargadTebPishro Medical Company”, “GhalbSalim Fars Medical Company”, “Shiraz Medical Equipment Company” and “MIR System Engineering Company” are four different sub-companies which are active in medical supplies and business especially in the field of cardiology, cath-lab, laboratory, orthopedics and imaging products. We own one office in Tehran, one office in Shiraz, one office in free zone of Kish Island located in Persian Gulf and one office in UAE. There are 36 experienced staffs working in these trading companies. We are expert in trading department. We are exclusinve representative of some western companies in the field of cardiac intervention, cardiac surgery and orthopedics products in the territory of Iran. Our commercial companies are cooperating with European, Asian and American medical producers and companies. We are serious in expanding our business to other world companies.

Meanwhile, we have a very modern private hospital and imaging center in Shiraz (the southern city of Iran) that is called “Shiraz Central Hospital” and is active in the field of diagnostic treatment and therapy having 250 beds,all different hospital wards & modern operation rooms. Our medical complex has more than 850 employees and more than 200 medical doctors who are specialized and sub-specialized in different medical fields. Meanwhile, we are active in medical tourism and we offer medical services to our neighbor countries especially countries in the border of Persian Gulf.


Although our trading companies prepare the medical needs of our medical complex but also act as an active distributor for other Iranian companies, hospitals, clinics and medical centers all over Iran.

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